Where is The Nearest Airport to Marmaris?
Dalaman Airport is the nearest airport to Marmaris - Marmaris Airport

Dalaman Airport is the nearest airport to Marmaris. “Where is the nearest airport to Marmaris?” is the question that is asked by many tourists who try to make the perfect vacation plan in Marmaris.

Since there is no airport directly in the boundaries of Marmaris district, the distances of the airports that are around Marmaris become important. Therefore, to clarify the answer of this question, the closest airports can be put in order successively as:

  1. In Dalaman district of Mugla, Dalaman Airport (3 miles/48.8 kilometers to Marmaris)
  2. In the Island of Rhodes, Rhodes International Airport (32.8 miles/52.8 kilometers to Marmaris)
  3. Between the Bodrum and Milas districts of Mugla, Milas–Bodrum Airport (43.4 miles/69.8 kilometers to Marmaris)
  4. In the Island of Kos, Kos International Airport (65.6 miles/105.6 kilometers to Marmaris).

Among these four options, the airport you should select to get to Marmaris depends on your travel plans and programs. For example, if you want to spend much of your time in the Greek islands of Aegean Sea, you can start with visiting Rhodes or Kos, and use the related airports to afterwards.

Yet, if you want to make an emphasis on Marmaris Turkey and the beautiful districts that are close to there, you should use Dalaman Airport or Milas-Bodrum Airport.

Dalaman Airport

The answer of “Where is the nearest airport to Marmaris?” question, the closest airport, Dalaman Airport locates in Dalaman, a district of Mugla.

Between Dalaman Airport and center of Marmaris, there is approximately 50 kilometers. In Dalaman Airport YDA International Terminal, there are cafes and restaurants which service various of delicious dishes; and shops which allow you to purchase things like products of textile, accessories, toys, bags or gifts. Therefore, you can wander around and let the tiredness of the flight go off.

  • Before giving information about the transportation from Dalaman to Marmaris, you may want to learn the places to visit in Dalaman, since you will be already there. For example, before getting to Marmaris, in Dalaman, you can visit amazing bays such as Sarsila, Ekincik, Gunluklu and Bedri Rahmi; the beaches such as Sarigerme and Iztuzu; the ancient city of Kaunos; or Akyaka Garden. After a high-quality time in Dalaman, you can prepare yourself to go to Marmaris.

Marmaris Airport

Unfortunately, Marmaris has not got an airport, due to the fact that it is small holiday town. But Dalaman airport is widely known as Marmaris airport by many travellers. The closest airport is Dalaman airport and it is nearly 100 km away from this lovely town.

As the alternative answer of “Where is the nearest airport to Marmaris?” question, Milas-Bodrum Airport follows Dalaman Airport. Milas Bodrum Airport locates in an area which is between Milas and Bodrum districts, in Mugla province.

Transfer from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris

If you choose taking road directly right after landing on, at this point, you should know that from the nearest airport to Marmaris; Dalaman Airport to Marmaris, there are mainly four different options of transportation:

  • The bus (MUTTAS)
  • Shuttle (Havas)
  • Taxi
  • Transfer system

By comparing all of these to each other, you will find out that the airport transfer from Dalaman to Marmaris is the most logical one, since the bus and shuttle is crowded (especially in summer) and the ride takes hours because of the destination; and the taxi is too expensive to afford. Yet, you can easily reach to Marmaris from Dalaman in a private car, away from people, at the right time without any delay.

Milas-Bodrum Airport

Between Milas-Bodrum Airport and the center of Marmaris, there is approximately 70 kilometers. In the terminal of the airport, there are different types of cafes and restaurants which provide traditional and delicious Anatolian meals, self-service option and tasty beverages.

Addition to them, there are also shops to help you to buy some memories from the first step of your perfect holiday.

  • Since you are close to the significant travel locations both in Milas and Bodrum, before departing from this district to visit Marmaris, you may want to travel the best places to visit in Bodrum and Milas. For example, starting with Bodrum, you can visit the most popular touristic fields such as St Peter’s Castle, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology; Gundogan, Kucukbuk, Kadikalesi, Gumusluk and Akyarlar. In Milas, the ancient cities of Iassos, Labranda and Herakleia; Firuz Bey Mosque, the Museum of Milas and Bafa Lake are worth-seeing. Thus, for these and more, you can travel in Milas and Bodrum districts before taking the road to Marmaris.

Transportation from Milas-Bodrum Airport to Marmaris

If you want to come as soon as possible, you should get a vehicle from the second closest airport; Milas-Bodrum Airport, to Marmaris. Here, again, you have four options;

  • The bus (MUTTAS)
  • Shuttle (Havas)
  • Taxi
  • Transfer system

Providing a comfortable ride, airport transfer from the Bodrum Airport is the best option among them again; because it is also faster than the bus and shuttle, and more affordable than the taxi. If you do not want to waste your time on the road, you should use transfer, especially if it is serviced by the professionals.

Which Airport Should You Land in to Get to Marmaris?

Whether Marmaris is the priority in your travel route, the answer of “where is the nearest airport to Marmaris? question, Dalaman Airport, is the best choice to arrive here quickly.

Thus, you will be able to spend more time by arriving there earlier: Milas-Bodrum Airport has an extra 20-kilometer distance to Marmaris, which means at least 40 more minutes on the roads.

Yet, if you want to spend some time in Bodrum before Marmaris, you can reach to the center of Bodrum within nearly 40 minutes; since, the distance between Bodrum Airport to Bodrum is 36 kilometers. To sum up, it is all up to your travel program in Mugla, Turkey.

What Comes Next?

You decide the airport, get your plane ticket, land in there and arrive here somehow. Then, what comes next? If you do not know from where to start to explore the magnificence of beaches and bays of Marmaris; or if you want to join incredible and exciting events in Marmaris, you can get the help from us: Since years, we have been providing the best Marmaris excursion programs, and we will arrange the best one for you, too.

For further information about any step in your vacation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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