Places to Visit in Marmaris
Places to Visit in Marmaris
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Andromeda The Club

Andromeda The Club is one of the best amazing places in Marmaris. The venue, which is the focus of local and foreign tourists and offers a great atmosphere with sound system, local and foreign DJ performances. It is very safe because there are private security officers at the entrance. There will be no any security problem, be sure. Andromeda The Club, where you can dance with your girlfriend or whoever you want. All alcoholic drinks are available. The prices are reasonable and the same with the other bars where in Barlar street.  After midnight you will not feel any discomfort in the crowded room. Despite having DJ performances every evening, you can often watch performances of famous local and foreign stars in the club. The club, which offers the most entertaining nightlife of the city, is located in a very wide area. Later in the day, you can also watch dance performances of talented dancers. The Andromeda nightclub is waiting for those who want to have fun and dance.

Argentina Cafe Marmaris

Argentina Cafe Marmaris is a special place located in Marmaris Marina. You will spend pleasant moments in this well-spoken space, such as warm atmosphere, gentle staff. Combining Turkish cuisine and Italian cuisine, Argentina Cafe Bistro Marmaris makes you happy with its delicious dishes.

Why Arjantin Cafe Marmaris?

Argentina Cafe Marmaris has unique view from its terrace. You will have spectecular view when you eat your dinner. It gives you extra pleasure. Dining options include pizza, seafood, rich varieties of Turkish cuisine. The menus in Argentina Cafe Bistro are hearty and tasty. Also, those who do not want to eat, can have cup of tea, coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages or water pipe.

For sports lovers, the football and basketball broadcast are on the big screen TV. Beer, corn and cookie menus are in reasonable price ranges to increase the enjoyment of the match. Live music, affordable prices, quality service, and friendly staff are reasons for preference to go to Argentina Cafe Marmaris. And you can get all these services for 12 months.
Argentina Cafe Bistro Marmaris is a decent place where you can sip your drink while enjoying live music in open area. Interior and exterior decor, service quality, customer satisfaction are kept on the front panel.

İçmeler Deniz Kapısı Restaurant

Deniz Kapısı Restaurant & Bar is located in one of the most amazing place in Marmaris İçmeler. You can find the best samples of mediterranean cuisine in the menu. It is also a good choice for those who want to try the tastes of Turkish cuisine. With a variety of appetizers and a seaside view, there is definitely a place to try raki(traditional Turkish drink) and fish. The price range is not much different from the average price range in Marmaris region. In the summer we call it a crowded season, you have to make reservations before going to dinner and breakfast. Especially in the evening you will not find a place when you go without reservation. Possibility is very high.

Icmeler Deniz Kapısı Restaurant offers a very rich Turkish breakfast option on the menu. You should try definetely. At the same time, the beach part, there is its own beach, is free to enter the beach if you want to spend time on the seaside. You do not have to pay extra for any sun beds or umbrella. You can enjoy all day at the beach.

Jan de Wit Restaurant

Jan de Wit Restaurant is one of the most popular places in Marmaris where you can find cold mezes and good quality meat. It is tempting both local and foreign tourists. The delicious cuisine that words will not be enough to express and it is anticipated as the number one place of Marmaris. Jan de Wit Restaurant located at the Marmaris Marina is highly preferred so make sure you book it in advance. You will go with great hope and if you return with no place at the door, it may cause you to pass your night badly.

In Jan de Wit Restaurant, relaxed music is played and you can rest your soul. If you go to this place you should absolutely try their seafood. When see and taste, you will understand best what we mean.

Jan de Wit is just one of the most delicious and spacious places you can go to Marmaris Marina.

Marmaris 105 Design Cafe

Marmaris 105 Cafe Design Cafe which is in the most beautiful place of Marmaris is different from other cafés in every direction. The decor of the place, the services it provides, the beverages and the foods offered to its customers are directed to customer satisfaction. If you want to drink coffee and tea just grab some and enjoy. Also, you can drink  the private boutique beers. It’s completely up to you.

The most important thing that makes 105 Cafe Desing Cafe special in Marmaris is henna tattoos. In Marmaris 105 Design Cafe, you can make a henna tattoo. Besides, there is no limit in this place. Various events are held on specific days and weeks. Join and have fun.

What’s in Marmaris 105 Design Cafe?

When you get bored at your home, Marmaris 105 Design Cafe is the only address to go in Marmaris. 105 Cafe Desing, which has its cafe and bar concept, has plenty of entertainment, good quality service and friendly employees.

Marmaris 105 Cafe Design which wants to give different experiences to its customers is occasionally organizes sushi night. Besides that, live music is also given most nights. The most beautiful thing in the place is definitely boutique beers. “Gara Guzu” is one of the best. Just try it! If you are hungry, definitely order their toasts. You will not regret. If you are looking for more alternatives, there are also special and delicious beverages such as orange liqueur coffee, lemonade made with green mandarin.

Marmaris Anatolia Cafe

Marmaris Anatolia Cafe which is located very close to the most important tourist attractions of the region such as Marmaris museum and Marmaris castle. They serve as a cafe and restaurant during the day and serve as a bar after a certain hour in the evening. It is crowded in general for being in a very central location.

Drinks menu is much wider than many others. The specialties are cocktails from the most popular and most preferred drinks. Evening is a great choice for lovers of gentle rhythm on guitar accompaniment. The general musical style is soft music. The cafeteria, which offers free wireless internet access, is quite interested, both gentle and quick waiters. Anatolia Cafe, located in the heart of historical Marmaris, invites those looking for a place for morning coffee. It is quite difficult to find good and delicious coffee in holiday regions. If you think that coffee is sold almost everywhere, Marmaris Anatolia Cafe makes a difference with real coffee. The price range is more convenient than most cafes in the city center. Prices for alcoholic beverages do not go beyond the average range.

Marmaris Aquarium Cafe

Marmaris Aquarium Cafe is located in Marmaris marina area. It is a great choice for those who want to enjoy and have a pleasant breakfast by breathing the sea. There is a variety of traditional breakfasts and scrambled eggs for breakfast in the morning. Beside these, the types of foreign cultures’ breakfasts are also in the menu. The menu generally consist of Italian and European cuisine. Italian style pizzas and seafood dishes are the most preferred foods of the café. There is also a nice choice for those who want to feel tavern atmosphere of the café with alcoholic drinks service. Seafood is very good, almost all café customers recommend seafood. Although the food and drink prices on the menu do not seem to be more expensive. They are quite suitable comparing to the other cafés around. In general, pop-style light music is played. Later in the evening, after dinner, the cafe turns into a bar. It is a place where you can dancing and having fun in the music accompaniment. It is walking distance to the most popular, most touristy places of Marmaris.

Marmaris Barbossa Cafe

Located in Marmaris Uzunyalı, Barbossa Cafe is designed with the thought that customers can feel themselves at home comfort. Marmaris Barbossa Cafe has a worthwhile service and quality tables with sea views. The dishes prepared and served in Barbossa cuisine consist of cultural meals such as Turkish cuisine and French cuisine.

Barbossa Café’s interior and exterior design is designed to not disturb customers. For this reason Barbossa Café has a spacious and bright atmosphere. Marmaris Barbossa Café is very important for your family as you will have a happy memory everywhere you will spend here. You can play dart game, backgammon in the cafe to enjoy.

What’s in Marmaris Barbossa Cafe ?

Marmaris Barbossa Café has a professional team and there are all kinds of food and drink in the restaurant. In order to increase customer satisfaction and to make you happy, you can enjoy the unique tastes that appeal to the world cuisine with the chefs who apply the quality standards. The services prepared by master chefs come to your desk with the visual art that reflects professionalism. Because every customer is very valuable for Marmaris Barbossa Cafe.

You can go to Barbossa Cafe as a family or with your children, married couples, groups of young and old friends, people who love modern life, collect the fruity of retirement, want to add color to their life, that is, those who love living shortly and enjoyable life. In addition, there are generally light music, such as jazz, classic-style music playing in Barbossa Cafe.

Marmaris Blue Port Avm

Marmaris Blue Port Avm is a shopping center that that you can find all your needs. Also, all special days and nights are held at Marmaris Blue Port Avm. Alongside the signature days of famous writers, weekend activities are planned to ensure that children have a more enjoyable time. There are 45 brands in this shopping center which is established on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters. It is possible to find everything you might need from clothing stores to shoe stores, personal care shops, cafes and restaurants.

Apart from these, there is a cinema which shows every day of the week in the Blue Port shopping center which also has arts and entertainment places. In addition to the leisure center areas where you can have a pleasant time with your children, there are plenty of areas for social activities. In addition, it easy to access to reach to shopping center for disabled guests. This shopping center in the heart of the city awaits you to cool off in the hot days of summer, to enjoy shopping, to relax in cafes and restaurants.

Marmaris Bono Good Times

Bono Good Times, one of the most preferred places in Marmaris. The atmosphere of the place is unique and magnificent. You will taste delicious food and drink and you will never forget. Soft music will accompany with your foods. We recommend you to have a dinner in Marmaris Bono Good Times. Because their service and food are impressive.

Bono is one of the distinguished places that has proved itself in Marmaris and you have to make reservations before going to this place because it is a preferred and elite place. So when you go, make sure to make a reservation in order not to turn around. You can make your reservations by calling +90 541 400 08 35 or you can visit

If you want to spend a pleasant and quality time in Marmaris, Bono is one of the places you should definitely come by. Because of the success of the concept and the music, every contentment is separated. You can hear songs from all world languages. The staff’s interest is incredibly impressive. You should absolutely visit this place where prices are quite affordable.

Marmaris Budha Bar

Budha Bar, known as the only address of live music in Marmaris, is the destination of entertainment. Marmaris Budha Bar, which is close to the sea, is the unique place for those who love to enjoy and joy with open space.

Unique  place of the street. Especially in the hot weather in the summer instead of staying indoors, open-air concert air to enjoy music is everyone’s favorite. There is a décor that invites people with a nice, flashy and attractive look.

What is in Marmaris Budha Bar?

Budha Bar, Marmaris’s most preferred live music bar, has plenty of entertainment, superb music, local and foreign songs, concerts, amusing environment, open air and quality service.

There is no reason to have summer or winter in the Budha Bar. Because the bar area is open all seasons. The vibrant atmosphere, closely and friendly waiters feel you comfortable. In Marmara Budha Bar, environment it is different to listen to music, to dance and to have a few beers, gin tonic, whiskey.

You can listen to rock, pop, foreign and Turkish music on Barlar Street, which can serve as a live club bar and appeal to different groups of entertainers. There are fruits and nuts for you alongside the drinks you buy. The most important feature is that the drinks are all original and quality. This feature is very important for bars and clubs. If you are looking for a lively, vibrant and wildly entertaining destination, Budha Bar is definitely a place you should go.

Marmaris Castle Cafe & Bar

You are looking for a nice holiday, but looking for a clean and spacious place, Marmaris Castle Cafe & Bar is an ideal place for you. It is one of Marmaris’s most exclusive venues where you will enjoy the environment that local and foreign tourists with its unique view and superior service understanding. You will spend time in the most beautiful place of Marmaris with its greenery that will rest your soul. With this fabulous ambiance, you can color your night.

Marmaris Castle Cafe & Bar has a service concept on expectations that will keep your soul alive and you are always trying to make the best of it by improving yourself. We are sure you will have a holiday that impossible to forget.

Address of Marmaris Castle Cafe & Bar: Tepe Mahallesi 37. Sokak No: 59 Çam dibi Marmaris Mugla.

Marmaris Club Areena

Marmaris Club Areena is located on the left side of the Marmaris Barlar street. It is the biggest nightclubs in Marmaris. It is a place where you can listen to the spectacular performances of world famous DJ’s. Night-time dancing and endless entertainment is guaranteed. As the night progresses, there will be surprises.  The dancer girls can come out and offer you an unforgettable dance show. In the same way, acrobats may come out that perform various acrobatic movements on a ring that is lifted from the air in the middle of the night.

Marmaris Club Arenaa offers entertainment in a way that does not bother with huge nightclubs in big cities. The music played in this club is mostly native foreign pop style. Almost every day of the week there is DJ performance, not on the night of weekends and summer days when there is no DJ. Although it is overly crowded, it is generally airy and comfortable. Everyone can find a place to dance. Girls are more comfortable to have fun.

Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar

Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar is the only address for those who want to go to rock bar in Marmaris. It was established in 1992 and is still one of the most popular places. It is an important piece that many famous artists have performed in the past and today. And the decor and design are really suitable for rock style.

Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar has semi-closed area which continues to serve every month and every day of the year. The roof has been removed and the open air has been gained. The reason for this is to create comfort in warm weather.

What’s in the Davy Jones Rock Bar?

First of all, the prices at Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar are very reasonable. The working staff is always helpful and friendly. Business owners are also show an interest every customer. Satisfying the customers is among the priority services. Live music performances are exhibited on certain days.

The atmosphere at Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar is intimate and very beautiful. This place is the number one in the entertainment with the exciting music that can be called the rock music house. It is far from the noisy and disturbing music of Barlar Street. We can even say that everyone plans coming to the Rock Bar to come back. Because the pleasure of quality enjoyment at Davy Jones Rock Bar is also very different from other places.

Marmaris Dede Restaurant

Marmaris Dede Restaurant is located in the yacht harbor. The restaurant provide a perfect view from differetn angles. Fresh seafood dishes, Mediterranean, Turkish and European cuisine are served to make you feel special and happy. In addition, Marmaris Dede Restaurant serves vegetarian-friendly or gluten-free dining options according to the wishes of valued customers.

Why Marmaris Dede Restaurant ?

The yacht harbor has fresh fish, seafood and meat products for 12 months. Thanks to the open-air and closed-space option of the venue, the unique view of the scenery looks comfortable on both sides. Marmaris Dede Restaurant is very suitable for activities such as private meetings, crowded groups, romantic dinners. Furthermore, there is a baby chair for children and infants and a wheelchair accessible restaurant for the disabled. The restaurant is not only for breakfast, lunch, dinner, but also for evening entertainment.

Marmaris Dede restaurant also has a choice of all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Excellent service and delicious meals take place among à la carte restaurants. Dede Restaurant kitchen has created its own special cuisine by bringing together modern and authentic traditional cooking techniques. Not only the dishes but also the hot and cold mezes are always freshly prepared for the customers of the restaurant. Dede Restaurant keeps the customer satisfaction in the front plan, following the policy of good price and quality service in all meals and drinks.

Marmaris Demir Restaurant

Marmaris Demir Restaurant, which takes its position opposite Marmaris sea view, serves its customers with its wide open area. Marmaris Demir Restaurant serves with the same energy and friendly for 12 months and 24 hours with its delicious taste of palate, quality service with its qualified staff, approaching feelings given by the customer, warm and sincere attitude that gives a feeling of family restaurant.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner are served in Marmaris Demir Restaurant. Plus, the nightly fun is super and enthusiastic. At the Demir Restaurant you can immerse special moments like crowded group meetings, romantic dinners, special day dinners, family gatherings for children. You can increase the taste of the local cuisine with the sea view.

What is in Marmaris Demir Restaurant?

Combining different cultures, Marmaris Demir Restaurant is preparing the most attentive and freshest products with its chefs and masters, as well as valuable customers and salads. The customers looking at the food tastes give our chefs a full score. It is served Mediterranean cuisine, European cuisine, Turkish cuisine and vegetarian friendly food made in the restaurant.

In the Demir Restaurant there is free wifi service, television, baby chairs for families with children, take away service, and banqueting service, all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wheelchair accessible restaurant. And reservation service for those who want to reserve their place in advance.

Marmaris Deniz Cafe Restaurant

The atmosphere is warm and friendly at Marmaris Deniz Cafe Restaurant which is at the seaside. You can also watch the most beautiful sea view in Marmaris Deniz Cafe Restaurant.

Deniz Cafe Restaurant, where you will experience unforgettable sweet moments with the view integrated with the name of the place, will also be able to eat dishes belonging to local delicacies.

Marmaris Deniz Cafe Restaurant

What’s in Marmaris Deniz Cafe Restaurant?

Deniz Cafe Restaurant is different from other places because they service local food on its menu. This situation is also highly appreciated by all the tourists coming to Marmaris and Marmaris people. For this reason, Deniz Cafe Restaurant is often crowded. Reservation is advisable in case the possibility of not being able to find a place.

Grilled sea bass and octopus, calamari, yoghurt, raki’s meze, hot and hot basking at Deniz Cafe Restaurant are the most favorite ones.

Deniz Cafe Restaurant serves daily vegetable fruit to reflect the quality service and taste. All kinds of salads and mezes are made with daily products.

Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant

Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant is one of the most stylish restaurants in Marmaris and it is located in the city center. Interior design and decor have been made for people who want to be calm and peaceful. The menu options at Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant are designed very clearly. You can be sure to make a quick decision when ordering.

It is a rare place to go as a family with children or without children. If you have plans such as business meetings, group dinners, special invitations, you are in the right place.

Why Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant?

In addition to being centrally located, parking is available for guests’ vehicles. You will have pleasant moments in this place. Be sure.

All kinds of kebabs such as Adana kebab, grilled meatball, eggplant kebab, shis kebab which is one of the cultural riches of Turkish cuisine. There are a wide variety of food choices, such as soup types, assorted and pide varieties, pizza varieties, some vegetable dishes, salad and appetizers, and dessert.

The waiters and staff in Marmaris Ege Vera Restaurant are all friendly and serve for customer satisfaction. Ege Vera is an establishment that aims to improve by increasing quality of service while applying high quality, fast service and reasonable price policy. Alcoholic beverages are also available for customers who want to add color to dinner.

Marmaris Girit Restaurant

Marmaris Girit Restaurant  is an ideal place to have fun. In addition, the tables on the outdoor has spectecular sea view. When you are eating delicious dishes, the view will accompany with you. Actually Marmaris Girit Restaurant is a tavern and of course, alcoholic beverages must be in taverns. You should taste “rakı”.

Marmaris Girit Tavern is a decent operation for those who want to eat fish by listening to live music.

Why Marmaris Girit Restaurant ?

First of all, Girit Restaurant has friendly waiters, deliciosu food and fast service. The employees who are glad to see you. Customer satisfaction is based on your requests.

In Girit Restaurant, you can enjoy a wonderful combination of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine, such as fish, octopus, shrimps, lentils, tomatoes, soups, meals and salads. Presentations prepared to plates create an impression of artistic painting.

The raki and fish pair, which are pub-based, are accompanied by live music sounds that enchant you. When you spend your time in Girit Meyhane you will experience moments that you will not forget.

In Girit Meyhane, which is open for 12 months of the year, you can book your place. All these services are within reasonable price ranges. Customer satisfaction is kept on the front panel for business owners.

Marmaris Go’Ya Meyhane

Marmaris Go’ya Meyhane is a boutique bar between Marmaris harbor and bars street. Marmaris Go’Ya Meyhane is a place known as a new generation tavern.  It has a deco made in modern and innovative lines reminiscent of a cage.

You can go to this place. It’s a nice place to relax with live music. There is parking place for your car. There are breakfast menus, lunch, dinner and night entertainment. Marmaris Go’Ya Meyhane is a brewery which wants to express the new tavern culture from the old to the road. It has a different atmosphere.

What’s in Marmaris Go’Ya Meyhane?

It is a place where you should see how young people who love the pub environment can experience the tavern culture in the atmosphere that makes up the modern age and creates the difference. There are all kinds of drinks and beverages, from Turkish cuisine, from French culture to Mediterranean cuisine, which is blended in Go’ya Meyhane.

Thr decor inside the pub, there is a rustic and French ambiance. The delicacies in seafood and other dishes are unquestionably extraordinary. Vegetables that are based on the Mediterranean cuisine are freshly picked from local garden, fruits to accompany drinks and pleasant conversations every day.

Marmaris Hacının Yeri Restaurant

The location of the Hacının Yeri is a central location but a bit far from the sea. It is an operation that gives importance to the quality of the service and the taste. The prices of Marmaris Hacının Yeri Restaurant are very reasonably priced.

The most well-known feature of this restaurant is that it serves without alcohol. For this reason, Hacının Yeri is a rare place that is known as a restaurant without an alcohol in Marmaris.

What’s in Marmaris Hacının Yeri Restaurant?

The location of the Hacının Yeri is not like the seaside restaurants but a more natural and simple restaurant. Turkish food and menus are selected in the culture of the kind of food is offered in the restaurant. Hot soup varieties, permanent indulgence of Turkish food, which is at the beginning of our cultural cuisine, leaves a lasting taste with beans, rice, vegetable home dishes, kebab varieties, desserts, breakfast plates and soft drinks options.

Hacının Yeri is open all year, every day. Always there is a queue for food. However, the taste of the dishes is worth to wait. Moreover the prices are very reasonable, the quality of the dishes is very high.

Marmaris Hix Club

Marmaris Hix Club is one of the most popular places in Marmaris. You immediately realize that you entered a very elite place at the first entrance of the venue. Even after entering you can say that even your walk is changing. Hix is ​​located at the seaside in Marmaris and has a great ambience. In this place, music is unique, they make great efforts to fulfill every wish of their guests with a large drink menu. One of the most distinguished Marmaris’ places you can find great food menus.

Hix, preferred by elite customers, does not accept customers without reservations. You certainly do not go without booking. Call +90 545 799 78 30 GSM number before you go or visit website.

This unique place that allows your orders to arrive at the table without delay even in busy times. It is definitely a place to be visited once during your holiday.

Marmaris Hix Club offers you a unique environment in which you can chat and enjoy with others  in a quality environment and you will get yourself in the rhythm of your inner music.

Marmaris IL Primo Restaurant

Marmaris IL Primo Restaurant on the waterfront welcomes guests with a wonderful view. Marmaris IL Primo, Restaurant in the most beautiful area of the city, is designed in a stylish and modern line with decor and design. It is the best place to watch the sea view from the tables and drink a few cup of coffee.

There are Turkish cuisine, Italian cuisine, European cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine. All prepared meals and other salads, appetizer products are prepared with great care and meticulousness by the master chefs.

What’s in Marmaris IL Primo Restaurant?

The best seafood dishes and the most delicious Italian food are made at IL Primo restaurant. There is no way to find the more delicious meal at another restaurant. Because special sauces prepared for meals and some dishes are only made at Il Primo restaurant.

Breakfast is provided for those who want a pleasant and energetic start in the morning. Nighttime entertainment is offered for lunch, dinner and a good meal. Gluten-free meals are also available at Marmaris IL Primo Restaurant for those with a gluten problem.

For years, all staff working in the IL Primo restaurant, serving both local and international guests, are friendly and educated. These business and business owners, who are referred to as the address of quality service, have made the principle that the customers should be satisfied with the place. For this reason IL Primo is suitable for families with children, for crowded groups and for romantic dinner plans.

Marmaris Kahve Dünyası

Marmaris Kahve Dünyası is a coffee shop which has been opened in the most beautiful place of Marmaris. There are not only coffee but also various desserts and cookies. You can also taste world-famous coffee varieties.

Marmaris Kahve Dünyası is located close to the seaside. You can also enjoy the view of the sea at the same time when you have delicious coffee. You can double your pleasure by enjoying the pleasure of drinking coffee and enjoying the sea.

What’s in Marmaris Kahve Dünyası?

It is open every day of the year and is a constantly crowded place for 12 months of the year. It contains everything that might be related to coffee. In other words, local coffee varieties of exotic countries, Turkish coffee cups and varieties with a drop of ruby flavor, hazelnut-flavored filter coffee, espresso varieties are found only in the coffee world.

As an alternative you can also choose salep(traditional Turkish drink) and hot chocolate. If you want to eat something, there are many dessert such as chesscake, carrot cake, macaron, pastry and varieties.

Marmaris Kahve Dünyası is a principled business that does not use any products other than its own. It is a wonderful and decent place that represents itself literally.

Marmaris Kahve Durağı

The taste of the cofffes made with unique coffee beans from all over the world is prepared exclusively with the brand of Marmaris Kahve Durağı. The location is also the most popular place in Marmaris center and sea side. In addition, the close and warm interest of the coffee shop staff is very pleased with the customers. This pleasure has the contribution of the friendly and related staff.

Customer satisfaction and keeping the quality of the service is a priority approach for the business. The customer who is not satisfied with Marmaris Kahve Durağı is very important for the business. For this reason, it is the principle for the business to satisfy all the customers.

What is in Marmaris Kahve Durağı?

The best quality coffee and the most delicious pastry and meals are found at Marmaris Kahve Durağı. Delicious meals prepared from European and Turkish cuisine include chicken skewers and other types of chicken, red meat dishes and varieties, hamburgers, sandwiches and pastries.

Having managed to keep employees’ motives high at all times, Kahve Durağı has succeeded in this. The changes made in the decor and design of the place change the air of the restaurant. The price of all meals at Marmaris Kahve Dünyası is reasonable. The fact that many non-alcoholic beverages have a positive effect on the customer. If you want to have a cup of coffee when you go out, that’s your address.

Marmaris KalaBalık Meyhane

Sometimes it is good to enter the tavern mode to get away from the stress in hot weather. Opened as a family business in Marmaris, Kalabalık Meyhane is the ideal place to feel these thoughts and feelings. You will find old taverns on this place.

It is a bit different these days to have a tavern culture. In this place you can find both the old tavern atmosphere and the new generation atmosphere. Suitable for crowded groups and friends’ meetings. It is advisable to book in advance. You will not find the Kalabalık Meyhane in Marmaris elsewhere.

What’s in Marmaris Kalabalık Meyhane?

Marmaris Kalabalık Meyhane that welcomes you at the door with the music of the Alaturka, allows you to get into the mood. Kalabalık Meyhan is small but charming. The waiters of Kalabalık Meyhane are very interested in the customers.

All of the customers are very important and valuable for the Kalabalık Meyhane. For this reason, all customers’ requests are fulfilled as quickly as possible. From the day the business was established, customer satisfaction is maintained on the front line and customer satisfaction policy is applied.

Turkish meals, mezes, seafood dishes, soups, European and Mediterranean cuisine are prepared from the hands of master chefs in Meyhane. All is in reasonable price range. All kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages you prefer are available.

Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant

Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant, which is the most charming and showy place of Marmaris, has been designed in a remarkable way. As this line has been preserved for a long time, the flavor of the food has been on the same line for years. The fact that business owners are friendly and friendly, employees are closely related, fast service has increased the quality of their services.

There are baby chairs for families with children. It is an ideal place for crowded groups, family gatherings, friends meetings. Rakı fish are accompanied by wonderful sea view to those who enjoy.

What’s in Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant?

Thanks to its close proximity to the seaside, you can enjoy magnificent scenery in all your meals. Turkish cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and seafood dishes are prepared by master chefs in Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant. Every meal is made from fresh vegetables and fruits every day.

Varieties include octopus stew, garlic shrimp stew, shrimp, squid, swordfish, fish soup and much more. In addition to seafood, there are also meatballs and chicken grill options.

All meals you eat at Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant are affordable and quality. Live music service is offered on certain days. Thanks to its different ambiance, it is among the most stylish and pleasant places of Marmaris.

Marmaris Karadeniz Balık Evi Restaurant

Marmaris Karadeniz Balık Evi Restaurant (Black Sea Fish House) is a fish restaurant that makes seafood overly beautiful. Situated on the seafront, it offers guests the pleasure of eating fish and other seafood in a unique view.

No doubt, home meals are better than ready meals. Marmaris Karadeniz Balık Evi, which is aware of this, also presents the home meals belonging to the Black Sea region to its customers.

Karadeniz Balık Evi Restaurant

Why should we go to the Marmaris Karadeniz Balık Evi Restaurant?

Here you can feel yourself in a different place with its home-giving atmosphere and design and atmosphere reminiscent of the Black Sea. Vegetables and seafood of the dishes made in the Karadeniz Balık Evi cuisine are taken fresh daily. All kinds of fish, meat, chicken dishes are found in Karadeniz Balık Evi. A wide variety of appetizers, delicacie are among the most popular. Some special regional dishes such as mıhlama also will be your favorite dishes.

The authentic air of the Marmaris Karadeniz Balık Evi restaurant, while waiting for orders to customers, the refreshments given to the customer shows the value given. Moreover, all Karadeniz Balık Evi dishes are reasonably priced. Because it is the principle of business owners to earn customer satisfaction with reasonable price and quality service. It is possible to encounter all kinds of specialties such as music, clothes belonging to the Black Sea region.

Marmaris Kırçiçeği Restaurant

It is rare to find good quality and educated restaurant staff in a tourist city like Marmaris. But you can find all these features that are sought after in Marmaris Kırçiçeği Restaurant. Marmaris Kırçiçeği Restaurant has over 30 years of experience and heritage. Thanks to years of experience, a growing business serves the same quality and principle.

What is in Marmaris Kırçiçeği Restaurant?

All staff that working in the restaurant have a team spirit. There are breakfast menus that start the day with healthy, energetic and pampering flavors. Turkish cuisine is prepared from soup varieties, pide, lahmacun and kebab and döner varieties, salad and appetizer varieties, dessert varieties from masters and chefs’ hands.

Speedy service to the customers coming to the restaurant, gentle reception, attention to detail as well as the attentive and respectful approach shown to the guests are important spiritual values ​​in the restaurant.

Also, the meat used in the Kırçiçeği restaurants is halal meat cut from their own beef in their own butchers. Long years of experience, customer satisfaction by doing everything best to increase the happiness of everyone has become the principle.

Each dishes is open to innovative ideas. Kırçiçeği are kept open 24 hours a day. Business meetings, crowded group invitations, suitable for children’s family meals. With a takeaway service, when you want, Marmaris Kırçiçeği Restaurant will deliver your meal to your desired location.

Marmaris La Vita Restaurant

One of the famous restaurants in Marmaris is Marmaris La Vita restaurant. Friendly staff, warm welcome, close attention, attentive and quick service are just some of the features of this place. In 18 years of service, they have increased their qualifications in every new period. Marmaris La Vita restaurant, which was established as a family business, became a family with its employees.

La Vita Restaurant is located close to seaside. On this occasion, customers who come to La Vita enjoy both delicious food and magnificent seaview.

Why Marmaris La Vita Restaurant ?

They have increased their service quality by keeping up with changing technology. Business owners consider the comfort of their guests and families who come to the restaurant. They provide infant chairs and play garden in their establishment.

La Vita Restaurant serves Italian, British, Mediterranean cuisine and seafood dishes in addition to Turkish cuisine in its kitchen.  Meals are accompanied by salads, appetizers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

After the meals, the fun begins at the time of the night. La Vita Restaurant offers all the services it offers without sacrificing quality. In this respect, the customers spend good time.

Marmaris Loona Bar & Restaurant

Marmaris Loona Bar Restaurant is one of the most elite places of the region. The lounge is open as of 18 pm and serves as a lounge bar until 22 pm. After 22 o’clock it serves as club until 3.30 am. Its stylish and trendy decoration are brillant.

Loona club is located in Netsel Marina. It is among the stylish and eye-catching spaces of marinas. Pop, foreign, indigenous and many type of music can played in this place. Loona Restaurant also has a nice atmosphere after 18 o’clock. It is within walking distance to historical and touristic areas like Marmaris Castle. You can walk in the sight of the boat watching the beach. Almost every day there is DJ performance. Turkey and the world’s most famous Dj’s takes the stage from time to time. Many local and foreign musicians give concerts in this place. But it is important to say that the prices are higer than average.

Marmaris Mado

Marmaris Mado is an ice cream shop, which has outdoor seating area, is enjoyed by its customers with its custom made ice creams. It is a place where you can eat cakes  and ice cream in the view of the sea.

Mado ice cream is already a brand that lasts for years. The quality of the year’s unchanging qualities combines with the sea view.

Marmaris Mado Ice Cream Shop

What’s in Marmaris Mado?

There are ice cream in every aroma variety in Marmaris Mado which is one of Marmaris favorite places. There are many kinds of products like walnut baklava, special Antep baklava, burma kadayıf, wet cake, baked goods, cookies. There is also a takeaway service for those who want to eat Mado ice cream at home.

The taste of Marmaris Mado ice cream is very tasty and quality, prices are also suitable. In Marmaris Mado Ice Cream Shop, there are baby chairs in the family with the baby and the child.

Kahramanmaras where is the city located in Turkey is the real birthplace of Mado. The goats in Kahramanmaras feed on thyme from thyme and wild grasses. The taste of mado ice cream is different from others in that it is fed with sahlep taste which is obtained from wild orchid roots.

Marmaris Majestic Restaurant

Marmaris Majestic Restaurant, is decent and clean Chinese Restaurant. The different and warm atmosphere, the friendly employees are among the places overflowing in Marmaris thanks to their approach which makes them feel they care about the customers.

Located in the Marmaris Majestic Beach Restaurant, where you can enjoy the sea view. You can experience the pleasure of watching the unique scenery while eating or waiting for your meal.

Why Marmaris Majestic Restaurant?

There is no parking problem in Marmaris Majestic Restaurant. Breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners are served. It also offers a catering service, a takeaway service and a take-away service. Majestic Beach has a principle of satisfying all customers with its friendly staff. They have not only Chinese food also they have Turkish cuisine dishes, soup types, barbecue menus and vegetarian friendly meals.

You can reserve in advance by booking to avoid returning from the highly demanding Majestic Beach. It is also very convenient for families with children, there are baby chairs and free WiFi facilities for parents and children to eat comfortably. There is also a wheelchair accessible restaurant for disabled customers. Live music, a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, sprinkled breakfast features such as the features that make the Majestic Beach Restaurant is one of the attractions in Marmaris.

Marmaris Mandarin Chinese Restaurant

Marmaris Mandarin Chinese Restaurant is a must stop for you when you visit Marmaris. Marmaris Mandarin Chinese Restaurant is one of the places that can not be abandoned for those who like to taste different country delicacies. The prices are suitable instead of other Chinese restaurants. It is also a rare restaurant that not compromise on quality.

The friendly staff who greets you at the door serve you until you leave the place. Their sincere but distant approach will make you feel comfortable.

Why Marmaris Mandarin Chinese Restaurant?

Marmaris Mandarin Chinese Restaurant has a warm atmosphere, good quality service, reasonable prices, delicious food and friendly staff. Thanks to its location close to the sea, you can enjoy your lunch and dinner in the unique view. Different cultures appeal not only to those who seek different flavors of food, but to all those who have taste.

Although the flavor of each place is different, the taste of the food you eat at the Mandarin Chinese Restaurant is preceded by a big difference from the rest of the restaurants. Because Chinese dishes, Asian dishes are made in real taste of Mandarin Chinese restaurant. Preparing for the ones who want to have fun after dinner, the pleasure of the night increases the pleasure. You can color your night with a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Marmaris Mgm Outlet

Marmaris Mgm Outlet is one of the most economical shopping places where you can find all your holiday needs. Even if you think that you have taken everything for your holiday, there will always be things that are forgotten. New needs arise during the holidays. Especially sea clothes, bikinis, swimsuit models with a wide range of products available and affordable are at the Mgm outlet. The large MGM outlet branch is located at the Siteler area. The slightly smaller Mgm outlet is located on the main road next to the Anemon hotel in the city center.

Marmaris is one of Turkey’s most beautiful seaside venues is also a bit pricey place like any other seaside towns. When compared to a lot of similar places, everything from clothes to food and drink is expensive. In this district, Mgm outlet is one of the best alternatives for those who want to make economic purchases. It is even the most affordable shopping mall for many. You can find all products related to sea and beach here.

Marmaris Mia Restaurant

Marmaris Mia Restaurant has become one of Marmaris’s favorite places in a short time. You will enjoy every moment, the tables have sea view, the back courtyard between Marmaris’s history-stinking streets, the person inviting Mia meyhane to visit again. With its wonderful atmosphere Marmaris Mia Restaurant is a place that we can not skip.

Why Marmaris Mia Restaurant ?

In Marmaris Mia Restaurant, customers can not only satisfy their hunger but also their hunger in their souls. Because on certain days there are entertainments like live music activities. You can add color to your fun with all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

In addition, Mia Restaurant serves octopus, squid, shrimp that are really delicios. Greek mezes also leave unforgettable tastes in the mouth. Apart from all these, tandır and meat dishes are Mia’s specialties.

Vegan meals, vegetarian friendly meals, Turkish cuisine, meat dishes and many other options are served in the restaurant. Also you can guarantee your place in the restaurant by making a reservation.

In addition to having a central location, Mia Restaurant has easy accessibility for wheelchair.  Moreover, in spite of all these features, reasonable price is an operation which adopts quality service policy. Just come and enjoy here.

Marmaris Monte Beach Club

Marmaris Monte Beach Club is located on the coast of Marmaris and is a nice place for those who want to enjoy the seaside. Tasty food, people from different countries, friendly service is located in Marmaris Monte Beach Club in Marmaris.

It is a place where groups of friends, families with children can easily go to  and spend time enjoying themselves. While enjoying the seaside and the sea, you can enjoy the food that you want.

Marmaris Monte Beach Club

What does The Club Have?

At the Monte Beach Club, which is the address for those who want to spend a peaceful and happy day, the meals are the best of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine. Whether you are a family or a group of friends, you will have fun moments, enjoy the delicious food of the sun, the beach, the sun loungers, and the owners. The staff keep customer satisfaction in the foreground.

The person who wants to make a holiday wants to feel that he is valued. This expectation is exceeded at the Monte Beach Club. Because friendly employees are warm-hearted but respectful, fast and always interested. In addition, the waiter and the staff working at Monte Beach Club are trained in business.

At the Marmaris Monte Beach Club, you can eat your meals and drink alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks with live music on certain days.

Marmaris Moon Cafe Bar Restaurant

Marmaris  Moon Cafe Bar Restaurant, located amongst the beach restaurants, is also a great place to watch the sea view. Marmaris Moon Cafe Bar, which has a different atmosphere and design from all other places, is preparing fresh food on the request of the guests of the restaurant.

If you want to enjoy somewhere as a crowded group, Marmaris Moon Cafe Bar Restaurant is the most suitable restaurant for you. The Moon Cafe Bar Restaurant is an ideal choice for families with children and romantic dinners, meetings with friends, business meetings, etc.

Marmaris Moon Cafe Bar Restaurant

What’s in Marmaris Moon Cafe Bar Restaurant?

Indoor and outdoor dining service is available. Children can enjoy unlimited internet access. There are alcoholic beverages and many kinds of specialties that you can enjoy for your special moments.

Turkish cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, and vegetarian options are all available for meals. As a menu, you can lightly pounce while you wait for your food with starters. For breakfast and brunch, rich choices and teapot is provided.

At other meals such as dinner, lunch, and nightly entertainment, there are many meals, such as burgers, pasta and varieties, pizzas and varieties, seafood dishes, Steak & Chicken. Drinks include Soft drinks, beers, wines, cocktails, frozen drinks, tea and coffee. Salads and grapes are also freshly prepared daily. Each one’s taste is delicious and is different from the flavors you eat elsewhere.

Marmaris Neighbours Fish Restaurant

Among the fish restaurants, Marmaris Neighbours Fish Restaurant is one of the most popular and rare places that have preserved their quality and taste for years. Although the dishes made with seafood are at the forefront, the dishes of Turkish cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine are also very delicious.

The Marmaris Neighbours fish restaurant is located both at the center and at the sea. Here you can also enjoy barber sea view with fish feast at Neighbours restaurant. The restaurant view is simple, elegant and modern.

Marmaris Neighbours Fish Restaurant

Why you should go to Marmaris Neighbours Fish Restaurant?

Many cities and regions have opened businesses on eating and drinking. The role of a guru-faced and educated waiter is great for a business. Because it represents service and dialogue between the customer and the waiters. so all the waiters at the Neighbors restaurant are educated. In addition, the quality of service is increasing day by day thats why they are pleased with the work they do.

Neighbours also have breakfast, lunch and dinner services, and for those who prefer alcoholic drinks there are also original alcoholic beverages. The most famous flavors of the neighbors cuisine are octopus, and calamay. Also, The taste of the grilled varieties leaves a pleasant taste.

For large groups, for families with children, it is a suitable venue for private invitational dinners. It is accompanied by a delightful sea view dining in the tables outside the restaurant. In addition, Neighbors restaurant prices are kept at appropriate numbers, so customer satisfaction is given importance.

Marmaris Nil Restaurant

The Most Stylish Restaurant in the marina: Marmaris Nil Restaurant

Marmaris Nil Restaurant is the  most famous fish restaurant in the Marmaris Marina. It offers an unforgettable dinner to its customers with its exclusive seafood menu. Marmaris Nil Restaurant has friendly and experienced staff.  Your orders are prepared very quickly and brought to your table.

When you enter the Nil Restaurant you will meet some masters at your door. And absolutely follow the fish recommendations that are specific for you.

Nil Restaurant has a decent environment that allows you to enjoy your meal. Also they have some menu except for fish, there are different food options, you just do not have to eat seafood.

It would not be wrong to say that this is the most stylish restaurant in Marmaris Marina. This is one of the places that both local and foreign tourists prefer.

Marmaris O’yes Restoran

Marmaris O’Yes Restaurant opened as a family business in Marmaris yacht harbor in 1991 and is among the best restaurants of Marmaris from the first day. The only difference is that in 2010, new business owners of Marmaris O’Yes Restaurant designed the restaurant on a line that was more suited and more satisfying.

In addition to special menus for adults, small guests are not forgotten in their meals. Marmaris O’yes Restaurant makes children’s menus and small guests happy.

Marmaris O’Yes Restaurant

What’s in Marmaris O’yes Restaurant?

Marmaris O’yes Restaurant, which is a real steak restaurant, also offers a wide range of seafood dishes, Turkish Cuisine, European Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine and Mediterranean Cuisine. All meals are worth staying in.

The business quality doubles with all the employees being friendly, the business owners being friendly and approaching to the customers, the satisfaction that they are interested. O’yes restaurant is one of the places that should not be missed when it comes to Marmaris.

If you reserve your place with the reservation system in extreme intensity, you will not have a waiting problem. It is an ideal place for lunch, breakfast, brunch and dinner. Moreover, it is worth seeing the nightly entertainment that starts later in the night. There is also a lot of drinks to accompany your fun. The open and closed area also allows you to see the sea view from different angles.

Marmaris Ottoman Cafe

If you want to have a good time in Marmaris, Ottoman Cafe is the best place for you. Marmaris Ottoman Cafe owners who would like to have a good time with their employees who are friendly and their profesisonel staff will provide you all kinds of services.

Ottoman cafe offers different flavors to you, giving you the pleasure of outdoor sisha. The employees are interested in every term to please their customers.

Marmaris Ottoman Cafe

What Does The Cafe Have?

At Ottoman Cafe there is a design that you will enjoy the sisha instead of eating and drinking. Because ottoman cafe is a real hookah cafeter. Their unique menu options attract customers

Moreover, sisha is not an expensive pleasure. On the contrary in Ottoman Cafe,sisha and beverage prices are reasonably priced. At Ottoman Cafe, which is open until late hours, you will not have any time trouble and you will not have to cut your fun in the middle. It is a prime principle to satisfy customers by offering an elite environment and quality service in every aspect.

Frozen fruit platters, elegant presentations, and real fruit flavors that you will taste in tobacco will make you Ottoman Cafe addict.

Marmaris Pineapple Restaurant

Founded in 1988, Marmaris Pineapple Restaurant has proved its continuity in its long-lasting taste journey. He has constantly developed itself with the experience of the years, has progressed openly to innovations and has never lost the quality of its taste. With its unique, seafront landscape, you will have an environment where you will not forget forever.

It is possible to find delicious tastes of Turkish cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine at Marmaris Pineapple Restaurant. All meals are served by its master chefs with great experience and meticulous work.

What’s in Marmaris Pineapple Restaurant?

The Pineapple Restaurant has well-trained waiters with professional service. After all, the most enjoyable meals come out with the quality service of the experienced and interested waiters. There is also a warm and friendly atmosphere at the Pineapple Restaurant. “Every customer is valued” for Marmaris Pineapple Restaurant. Following the policy of “Customer Satisfaction”, this company has gained this principle by increasing its quality by growing for years.

Pineapple Restaurant, which offers Turkish cuisine, European cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine in its meals, aims to present international food cultures. You can choose from any kind of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to accompany delicious meals. If you want whichever of the Turkish cuisine kebabs and seafood, the masters can serve you fresh and quickly.

Marmaris Portofino Restaurant

Opened in 2008 as a family business in Marmaris Uzunyalı, Marmaris Portofino Restaurant has progressed from past to present with high quality service and reasonable price policy. Obviously it is not possible to find the pleasure of eating breakfast or dinner at the seaside gardens in other restaurants. Portofino restaurant staff in Marmaris serve every date with a friendly and customer-oriented.

Parking facilities for guests arriving by car are also among the services provided by the restaurant. You can find alternatives from the British, European and Turkish cuisines. In Marmaris Portofino Restaurant you can have a rich morning breakfast, lunch, dinner. In addition, there are many drinks options suc as Turkish coffee, ranging from alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

What’s in the Portofino restaurant?

In Portofino Restaurant, where dishes of different cultures such as Turkish, European and British are all together, all dishes are prepared by master chefs. The food they prepared with great care and diligence offers educated and beautiful waiters to the customers. If you have any need, they will show an interest for contacting you immediately.

Marmaris Portofino Restaurant is open every day of the year. Thanks to years of experience, the restaurant is always full. For this reason, we recommend that you book in advance if you are going to Portofino Restaurant. There is also a playground area where children can spend time before and after their meals in order for the family with children to enjoy their evening meals comfortably. If yo want to eat at home, there is also a takeaway service.

Marmaris Pukka Restaurant

Marmaris Pukka Restaurant, which started serving in Marmaris in 2016, is located on the Uzunyalı beach. Pukka is both cafe and restaurant. On the lower floor there is cafe and on the upper floor there is only restaurant. It is one of the most stylish restaurants in the center of Marmaris. There is also an extensive menu option for breakfast in the morning and it has very pleasant sea view. You can make yourself happy with iced drinks during the day in the cafe section, which is also rich in coffee varieties.

In addition, Marmaris Pukka Restaurant is a very good alternative for those who want to plan a romantic dinner in candlelight.

If you are thinking about going to this place you should make a reservation beforehand. Especially during the busiest summer months, it is necessary to make reservations for both breakfast and dinner. A decent environment, the prices of the venues offering exclusive drinks are average and above. In the evening, chill, lounge music are generally preferred instead of moving fast music.

Marmaris Dr Gelato

Marmaris Dr Gelato is a charming place with easy access thanks to its location. For those who want to cool off in the hot air of Marmaris, Dr Gelato’s exclusive ice cream recipes are only for you. This mystery taste appeals to ice cream lovers.

Looking at the exterior of the place, someone can think of himself in wonderland. The outer appearance of Dr Gelato is really pretty. This kind of pleasure is due to the unique presentation of ice cream and sweets, both from the friendly owners and from the employees.

Why Marmaris Dr Gelato?

Gelato means ice cream in Italian. Dr Gelato ice creams are also made from fresh fruit, sugar and buckwheat. There is no preservative in the products. For this reason, you can enjoy real fruit every day with freshly made ice cream.

In addition, there is car park area in Marmaris Dr. Gelato cafe.

You can order coffee, Belgian waffles, burma kadayif, special Dr Gelato Italian ice cream, breakfast plate etc. The taste of the ice cream is extraordinary, DR. Gelato is placed in the front row on Marmaris’s list of favorite places.

Ideal for families and families with children. Gelato has a baby chair. Packet service is also available.

Marmaris Samdan Restaurant

The Marmaris Samdan Restaurant, which is close to the sea, is a lively and cheerful place. The services in the place is really fast. It is a decent place for a family with children. The place has open and closed area and provide a spacious and comfortable dining experience.

Marmaris Samdan Restaurant owners, who want their customers to be comfortable. That is why thera are infant chairs and playground in Marmaris Şamdan Restaurant.

Why Marmaris Samdan Restaurant ?

Marmaris Samdan Restaurant has free wifi service and television. Easy access to the restaurant is provided for disabled customers.. Samdan, which is close to the sea, also offers a take-away service.

In the Şamdan Restaurant, there are group meetings, family meals, special day celebrations, dinner parties with children’s families, romantic dinner parties.

Local Turkish cuisine is accompanied by Mediterranean cuisine, European cuisine, Italian cuisine, Central Anatolian cuisine, seafood dishes and gluten-free dining options. Samdan  Restaurant can be visited every day for 12 months for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Night entertainment is also organized in the bar environment.

You can have your meals at home or in the sea view with the take-away service from Şamdan Restaurant. All these beautiful and tasty services are kept at reasonable prices and customer satisfaction is considered important.

D-Resort Grand Azur Restaurant

With its unique design and different atmosphere, Marmaris Steak & Bar D-Resort Grand Azur Restaurant is a distinguished place of Marmaris. It is the place of those who want quality environment and quality service. The meals in the restaurant are of good quality and appeal to everybody’s taste.

It is a suitable place for business metings, corporate meetings, crowd group invitations. There is a unique view from the tables in the open area. There are baby chairs in the restaurant for the comfort of the children’s families.

Marmaris Steak & Bar D-Resort Grand Azur Restaurant

What does The Restaurant Have?

Live music performances during the day and in the evenings  with piano and sometimes violin will become your food more enjoyable. “Dry-aged” and “steak” are the special foods that every customer must taste once. The special feature of your meal for 21 days in special cabinets with special processing is to wait and rest. There are variety in the drinks that accompany the meals. The dishes served by the expert chefs of the Turkish and international cuisines are located in different parts of the hotel and restaurant. Marmaris Steak & Bar D-Resort Grand Azur Restaurant is waiting for you.

Marmaris Taj Mahal Restaurant

Marmaris Taj Mahal Restaurant is an ideal choice for those who want to get memorable memories and experiences in Marmaris. All customers who try Indian cuisine from different cultures leave the restaurant as happy and glad.

With the normal menu and set menu option, it gives its guests the opportunity to taste all their dishes. The quiet and peaceful place have open and closed areas. It is suitable for crowded group dinners, special invitational dinners and family dinners.

What’s in Marmaris Taj Mahal Restaurant ?

The characteristic of  Indian meals is that it is more spicy than normal. The flavor of these spices gives an unforgettable taste to everyone who eats. However, if you do not like spices, of course we do not recommend. There are more suitable places for you in Marmaris. You can take a look at the articles of other Marmaris locations.

The prices of the meals in the Marmaris Taj Mahal Restaurant, which are provided with quality service with friendly employees, are also within reasonable ranges. In addition to the Indian cuisine, there are also Balti Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, European Cuisine, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly meals.

You can book your lunch and dinner meals in advance by booking in advance to eat in this decent place. Taj Mahal is one of Marmaris’s favorite places with its parking lot on the street, table with open underground, free wifi service, baby chair for families and easy access for disabled guests to the restaurant.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options that you would like to accompany with Indian cuisine add color to your meal. Customers will enjoy with spicy and delicious food.

Marmaris Tepe Restaurant

Marmaris Tepe Restaurant has the most beautiful view of Marmaris. The music is accompanied by a slight breeze that is why the taste that you eat is doubling.

Marmaris Tepe Restaurant in Marmaris, has well service for its customers. Also they have own parking area.

Marmaris Tepe Restaurant

What does Tepe Restaurant Have?

Tepe Restaurant offers a different ambience with its magnificent view and stylish decor to its guests who come. As a family, as a crowded group or as a family with children it is a nice place to go. It is also a very suitable place for special occasions, celebrations, wedding parties, company dinners, romantic dinners, birthdays and so on.

Especially the grilled menus are the preferred dishes. Garlic prawn is the very popular among the customers. There are also many kinds of meat dishes, seafood, chicken dishes, kebabs, vegetable dishes.

With alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options, you can increase your eating. The Business owners who attach importance to customer satisfaction convey this principle to their employees. Tepe Restaurant is waiting for you with a great view in Marmaris.

Marmaris The Han Restaurant

Offering delicious seafood dishes, Marmaris The Han Restaurant is one of the most popular places in Marmaris. On the terrace floor you have the opportunity to see the wonderful view of the sea with the outdoor seating area. Marmaris The Han Restaurant is the only adress for those who want delicious seafood, friendly staff, affordable food, interest and fabulous sea view.

Marmaris The Han Restaurant

What is in Marmaris The Han Restaurant?

Seafood is a favorite of the customers. Marmaris The Han Restaurant provides, mainly in Turkish cuisine. Of course, there are also international cuisines such as Mediterranean cuisine, European cuisine, Italian cuisine and Mexican cuisine.

For those who wish to meet with the sea with a view of the sea, there is a breakfast service, brunch service for those who prefer to wake up late in the day. In the following hours, lunch and dinner are provided as well. Salads, appetizers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are accompanied by meals and conversations.

The Han Restaurant is a decent place to come in crowded groups or groups of friends. It is also a suitable place for families with children, romantic dinners, special day invitations. Business owners service baby chairs to make their guests comfortable. The Han Restaurant also offers takeaway service for those who do not want to eat.

Marmaris Tiki Beach

Marmaris Tiki Beach is one of the best beaches in Marmaris Icmeler region. It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy with different music groups during the day and night. As well as being the most decent quality place in Icmeler, their employees are friendly and professional. Tiki Beach, with its live music in the evening, entertains its guests with its Turkish and foreign musics. Unlike other beaches, they play very good Latin music instead of playing noisy music in the daytime. Thus, you can relax and enjoy.

Unlike their competitors, Marmaris Tiki Beach does not charge their guests for entry. You will be charged only for what you eat. You can order a unique waffle for yourself or you can have a fabulous meal to enjoy. At Tiki Beach you can make your holiday unforgettable. You can experience the pleasure of swimming or sunbathing by looking at the greenery of the mountains, which ran back to Marmaris’s blue sea.

We recommend that you do not miss the opportunity of entertainment with Tiki Beach. Marmaris Tiki Beach, which does not require reservation, can accommodate customers until the sun lounges are full.

Marmaris Turgut Reis Fish Restaurant

Marmaris Turgut Reis Fish Restaurant is a perfect place to eat something and drink non-alcholic drinks. Also, this restaurant is the most preferred fish restaurant in Marmaris. At Turgut Reis Fish Restaurant you can choose the fish whatever you want.

Turgut Reis Fish Restaurant, serves many fish such as perch, fish soup, grilled and fried fish, shrimp.

In Turgut reis Fish Restaurant there is a system that is not applied in other places. You can bring your own fish and cook it. The cooking options are varied, and they show that they always act in accordance with the customers’ wishes. The presence of such a place in Marmaris is very beneficial for both domestic and foreign tourists to show how the national service concept of our local fish is done.

Marmaris Uno Momento Restaurant

If you are looking for a different, non-standard atmosphere, try eating at Marmaris Uno Momento Restaurant. The restaurant is stylish and pleasant, even a presentation of the dishes you eat is beyond marvelous. While the delicious dishes prepared by the master chefs are prepared for the service plate, an artistic work is performed on the plate.

The positive energy given by the friendly employees is felt from the moment you enter the door of Marmaris Uno Momento Restaurant. The friendly service staff shows the importance given to the client.

What is in Marmaris Uno Momento Restaurant ?

Uno Momento Restaurant gives you the opportunity to eat your food outdoors, and it is important for the customers to leave the place happily. For this reason, Uno Momento has a special interest and attention to all customers coming to the restaurant. Infant chairs are available for families with children, and wheelchairs access for disabled guests. In addition, special services such as free wifi are available.

Uno Momento Restaurant where gives priority to the Turkish cuisine in the food varieties, also makes Italian food. You have to try these wonderful tastes that come together by these two cultures.

There are also alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options to accompany the meals. Later in the day, the fun starts in the bar atmosphere. The prices of all these services are also reasonable. In the last hours of the day, the guests leave the place happily and gladly. We can give the grant.

Marmaris Yelken Restaurant

Marmaris Yelken Restaurant is one of the most popular place in Marmaris. The distance to the sea also offers the pleasure of enjoying the view. Marmaris Yelken Fish Restaurant has friendly and fast services. Working staff gives priority to the satisfaction of the customers.

Marmaris Yelken Restaurant menu offers Turkish cuisine and seafood dishes. With fast service, you will be accompanied by your orders next to your table, and the taste and freshness of the meals make each customer a permanent customer of Yelken restaurant.

Why Marmaris Yelken Restaurant ?

Yelken Restaurant, which is a nice and charming decor, is prepared for customers with fish with mustard sauce, fava, sea bass, calamari, aubergine paste and many other seafood dishes and appetizers.

They also satisfy customers by keeping delicious food and quality service at reasonable prices. There is also a take-away service for those who do not want to stay in the place or can not come to the restaurant.

The sea view is amazing in the outdoor and indoor tables.

Marmaris Yunus Cafe & Bar

Marmaris Yunus Cafe & Bar is serving to its valuable customers since 2013. The place was designed in modern lines. The open-air and closed-space tables have a view of the sea. There is also a private car park for the customers who have cars.

Yunus Cafe Bar, which collects the best tastes from all world cuisines in its own kitchen. It is very assertive to leave the taste on your palate. Yunus Cafe & Bar welcomes their customers from the moment they enter the door with friendly and interested staff. Because, Yunus Cafe & Bar always gives particular importance to their customers.

What is in Marmaris Yunus Cafe & Bar?

Live music activities are organized every day at Yunus Cafe & Bar. Yunus Cafe, which serves delicious food and serves your appetite, offers you a fine musical feast at the same time. There is also a baby chair so that children and babies with such a perfect space can come to their hearts with peace of mind. Moreover, Yunus Cafe & Bar, thinks of the little customers. It has a special children’s menu to make them happy.

In the place, there are Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and nightly entertainment for 12 months. Alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages are available at all times. Halal food is available in Turkish, Mediterranean, European and vegan options. Yunus Cafe Bar has always been pleased with its customers without sacrificing its unique and high quality service and has always been committed to increase the quality that exists.

Marmaris Ziyade Restaurant

Everyone who get bored of the modern structure of Marmaris and want to eat natural home cooking should definitely go through the Marmaris Ziyade Restaurant. Marmaris Ziyade Restaurant where you can taste regional home meals. Marmaris Ziyade Restaurant is a great place to taste the crispy chicken and tenderness of Marmaris which will bring a new taste to your palates with its modern service concept. Apart from the fact that the friendly staff act as if they are at home, these Ziyade restaurant dinners, which are meticulous and hygienic, are a place for you.

This home-style restaurant is within walking distance of the center.

Every day, a different menu are served. You definitely taste creamy quince dessert and tandır food. Do not end this holiday in Marmaris without eating these two flavors.

Marmaris Zola Restaurant

Marmaris Zola Restaurant and Brasserie is located at the intersection of the Marmaris shore and the marina. Marmaris Zola Restaurant which is a place where the sea view maintains its claim to be among the most popular places.

From the tapas culture to the Mediterranean cuisine, every meal and flavor are blended to earn the hearts of customers. For this reason it is a suitable place for special purposes, for business meetings, for crowded groups, for romantic dinners, and most importantly for families with children. There are also baby sitting chairs to provide a comfortable evening for the parents with their children.

Marmaris Zola Restaurant

What is in Marmaris Zola Restaurant?

The dishes, which are delicious, consist of Mediterranean cuisine, Turkish cuisine, European cuisine and seafood dishes and all kinds of salads and mezes. There are also vegetarian and gluten-free options.. Meals you can eat are morning breakfasts, lunches, dinners and brunches.

Zola Marmaris offers many services such as free wifi service, easy access for wheelchair customers, variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages etc.

All these features are designed to increase customer service quality and customer satisfaction. The guru-faced and friendly waiter and his staff are the reasons why Zola Marmaris is a big deal.

Starbucks Marmaris

Starbucks Marmaris is known as a global brand. The first store opened in Turkey has always been interested in collecting up to this day. The flavor of Starbucks coffee has become a branded taste. It is located in the central part of Marmaris, you will also see the sea view when you drink your coffee. You can eat some Turkish snacks or some desserts.

In Starbucks Marmaris has all kinds of coffee. Once, you drink coffee at Starbucks then it will already become a passion.

Marmaris Starbucks

What’s in Starbucks Marmaris?

Employees in Marmaris Starbucks are trained staff. For this reason, an important difference of Starbucks is the qualification elements. We can say that this place makes the best coffee. The friendly service personnel welcome you warmly from the moment you enter the door.

Dessert varieties are very wide. Lemon-flavored desserts, pastries, cakes are just some of them.

Drinks include Turkish coffee, caramel macchiato, cafe mocha, white chocolate mocha, ekspresso and cappuccino. Tea, hot chocolate, decaf drinks, mixed fruit drinks, iced coffee, filtered coffee are also available. In short, everything is here in the name of coffee. So the center of coffee world is Starbucks Marmaris.

Stella Bar Marmaris

Stella Bar Marmaris, located in one of the most popular place in Marmaris. On the seaside, there is an environment where you can eat your lunch and a place where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. Stella Bar Marmaris also serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Stella Bar offers reasonable prices and quality service.

Why Stella Bar Marmaris ?

Stella Bar, which gives you the opportunity to eat and drink in the sea-view at the sea. Stella Restaurant Marmaris offers unique tastes such as Mediterranean dishes, European dishes, Turkish dishes and Italian dishes. Also they offer specifical food for vegetarians.

There are baby chairs for families who want to sit in the indoor or outdoor area. Wheelchair access for disabled people is avaliable in the place. And when you go there is a reservation service for your place to be ready. If you want to sit by the beach in Stella and eat your meals, you’re welcome. You can enjoy every minute of your time at the Stella Bar while enjoying your live music accompanied by dinner.

At the Stella Bar Restaurant, which is a nice and decent place, you can make your special occasions like romantic dinner organization, business meetings, group dinners, family meetings.

The Love Boat Restaurant

A great meal in white: The Love Boat Restaurant

The Love Boat Marmaris is among the cleanest places in Çamdibi. They are so sure of their cleanliness. They show how confident they are in their meticulousness that many of the motifs made for decor in the room are white. When you start to walk in The Love Boat, you are welcomed by friendly staff and will accompany you to the table until you are seated.

The Love Boat Restaurant is among the finest restaurants in Marmaris where you will find delicious seafood. The Love Boat serves with its own menus and unique service concept. This restaurant is entirely customer focused. You can eat your food in front of the magnificent view of the pine dine trees and listen to relaxing music and drink your wine.

This place is very attractive. So we recommend you to make a reservation.

Marmaris Vazgal Cafe

In Marmaris Vazgal Cafe, you can Enjoy a hookah with oak coal. It is really special.

There are many reasons to visit Marmaris Vazgal Cafe. First of all, they serve the most exclusive and quality hookah to their customers. Tea or coffee are accompanied their enjoyment.

Vazgal Marmaris has a distinguished bar service that avaliable until 04:00 am.

Located in Marmaris marina, Vazgal is the only place where local and foreign tourists prefer to drink hookah and coffee. Because Vazgal Marmaris is the most preferred place with its friendly staff. Before you go, you should definitely make a reservation from 0 252 412 12 39. Because the place is always crowded. Reserving before is good. The magnificent scenery of Marmaris yacht harbor is illuminated with oak charcoal and you can enjoy the scenery with a magnificent Ottoman saint.

The most important reason that why customers prefer Vazgal is the quality of the products, the friendly staff and the nice Latin music.

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