Marmaris Weather Forecast

Aegean Area, where Marmaris is located in, has an exceptionally mild climate lasting whole year long; with hot and dry summers to rainy but warmish winters. While the coastal line of Aegean area is strongly under the influence of Mediterranean climate, the continental climate lifts effectiveness on the hinterland parts of Aegean area due to the location of mountains.

Although the climate is similar with Mediterranean area, due to the relieving breeze, summers in coastal parts cannot be ranked as overwhelmingly hot as Mediterranean areas.

Marmaris is located within the borders of Aegean area as is known and has several characteristics in common with the typical Aegean climate. One of the many best thing about Marmaris is you can swim, sunbath etc. in here for 7 to 8 months of the year. The sun is almost shinning every day upon this beautiful city and makes it the perfect destination for holiday makers not only in summer but also other months of the year. But interestingly enough, Marmaris is also counted as one of the most frequently rain dropping area of Turkey during winters. Well, it’s not so unbelievable considering the verdant forests dispersed around Marmaris.

The coldest month of the year in Marmaris is January with the minimum temperature of 7 degrees and the hottest month is July with maximum 38 degrees maximum calculated temperature.

Kindly find below weekly forecast weather including the daily temperatures, wind speed, humidity and water temperature.


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