Marmaris Water Sports 2020
Marmaris Water Sports 2020 - An Intensive Gudance on Water Sports

Water Sports & Activities in Marmaris & Icmeler

Signing up for Marmaris water sports is an excellent idea if you seek some fun and adventure to ornament your holiday in Marmaris. By combining fresh waters of Mediterranean Sea and adrenaline, you will be able to have fun to the fullest and make your holiday in Marmaris an everlasting memory.

Moreover, you are lucky that you have many options in the group of water sports in Marmaris such as parasailing, banana boat, speed boat, jet ski, fly board, fish fly, scuba diving and rafting; and at least one of them will be able to meet your expectations.

In order to learn about these amazing water sports briefly, you should keep reading the following paragraphs. Then, you will be able to make up your mind and get ready to book one or many of them and enjoy them!

Same tours are provided in Icmeler as well. Therefore, feel free to make reservations as if the tours below were Icmeler tours.

All of our tours can be booked online. You can visit related pages and get further information. If you cannot find your answers, though, you can contact us 7/24, without hesitation. Also, you can view more water sports and other Marmaris excursions of us rather than the section of water sports in Marmaris.

  • Marmaris Parasailing

Marmaris Parasailing is the most popular option among all of the water sports in Marmaris, and this activity is the best chance for ones who want to parachute but find it too thrilling: Parasailing is much safer and still full of excitement and breathtaking sceneries!

In parasailing, your equipment is attached to a speed boat. When the boat starts moving, you take off smoothly, and float in the sky from 100-150 meters above the surface of Mediterranean Sea. The only thing you need to do is to observe the matchless panoramic view of the shades of blue of Marmaris, its golden shores and other natural elements.

You can enjoy this exciting activity on your own or with your favorite person. To learn the details of our Marmaris parasailing program, you can visit the tour page.

  • Marmaris Banana Boat

Marmaris Banana Boat ride offers you laughter and screams while you are trying to find your balance on the surface of Mediterranean Sea! Since banana boat is considered as a group activity, we highly recommend you to convince your friends and family to share this experience together to multiply your joy.

During banana boat ride, a boat which is shape like a banana is attached to a speed boat, and all guests take a seat on it after wearing the required equipment such as a life jacket.

Then, the speed boat will move and start pulling the banana. Of course, you will enjoy a peaceful ride for a while; yet, we suggest trying to stabilize your balance; since the speed boat will drift and turn suddenly to make you fall!

Here, you can find further information of our Marmaris banana boat ride.

  • Marmaris Speed Boat

Marmaris Speed Boat is an exclusive way to view and visit lovely bays of Marmaris, since you will be riding a speed boat and dividing the sea into pieces!

Moreover, because the boat is designed for a limited number of people, there will be only you and the ones that you would like to share this impressive voyage with. To multiply your satisfaction, make sure you bring them and your camera, too!

First, the training part will be provided, then, during speed boat tour, our professional and licensed instructor will always help you whenever you need to reach to the breathtaking spots to swim and observe.

While you are feeling the breeze and splashing waters on your skin, you will be full of excitement and joy. If you cannot wait for learning more, you can visit the content page of Marmaris speed boat event.

  • Marmaris Jet Ski

Marmaris Jet Ski event offers exhilarating moments over the surface of turquoise waters of Mediterranean Sea, while you are dividing it into two pieces! Especially for solo travelers, jet ski is the best way to combine speed, fun, adrenaline and peaceful blueness of the sea.

Regardless of being inexperienced or not, you will have detailed information in jet ski activity about safety procedures, how to use the equipment and ride it, before actively participate in it.

Then, depends on the rental duration, you will enjoy every second of your breathtaking journey! To learn the content of Marmaris Jet Ski program, you can view the related page.

  • Marmaris Flyboard

Marmaris Flyboard appeals to expectations of travelers who desire high-level of adrenaline in the activities they participate in. If you consider yourself as one of them and have ever wondered the sense of flying, you can try it in a very unique way: On a Flyboard!

One of the most popular activities in last years, flyboard welcomes its brave guests. By being equipped with required items, you will raise up 30-40 meters above the surface of Mediterranean Sea.

Simply, the gadget (Flyboard) you will have uses pressurized water to do so. Moreover, you will have the control over it and you will move as you wish! Visit the related page in order to learn the entire content of our Marmaris flyboard program.

  • Marmaris Fish Fly

Participating in Marmaris Fish Fly has a unique and hilarious way to have fun. Imagine yourself as you are trying to hold a horse tightly since it is rising onto its back legs; then, change “horse” with a boat. This is exactly what you will feel like!

In fish fly, you will wear your safety equipment and get in the boat. Then, a speed boat will pull you fast and make the boat rear up! During the time, you will try to keep holding, and of course, it will be very fun and full of laughter. Especially if you bring your family and friends, you will be able to double the joy. Here, you can find the details of our Marmaris fish fly program.

  • Marmaris Scuba Diving

Marmaris Scuba Diving is the best way to combine the peace of depths of Mediterranean Sea with “breathtaking” moments. Shortly, under the surface, you will be exploring hidden treasures of the turquoise water which includes colorful fishes, corals, rocks, seashells, stars and more.

Of course, before enjoying this blue paradise, you will be taught everything you need to know by professional and licensed instructors. Thus, scuba diving is completely safe to sign up for. If you are interested in it already, we recommend you to view the tour page of Marmaris scuba diving.

  • Marmaris Rafting

Marmaris rafting tour is a thrilling activity which takes place in an amazing landscape. Moreover, over the surface of Dalaman River, you will try to control your swinging boat while you are getting soaked because of the splashing waters and the natural obstacles on your route: In other words, you will have fun very much!

During rafting activity, in rafting boats, you will be paddling for kilometers on your own or with ones that you love. To multiply the fun, laughter and enjoyment, we recommend you to bring them, too!

Regardless of being inexperienced or a master rafter, you will be able to find the perfect route for you among 3 of them. If you want to learn the details, you can view the entire content of our Marmaris rafting package.

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