Marmaris Boat Trips 2020

8 Different Marmaris boat trips are listed below

We can surely say that Marmaris boat trips are the most popular ones amongst the all kind of daily excursions in Marmaris. So let’s look down to see what boat trips are waiting for us during the holiday in Marmaris.

The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence.

-Jules Verne

When it comes to sea, it has always been and will be full of mysteries, surprises, unexpected challenges and so many attractions regardless of whether you are rambling on some part of the ocean or just travelling between some small bays…

If you are getting familiar with our website and starting to get interested in our articles both in our Blog and Marmaris Excursions section, we bet you have already started feeling the capturing excitement of all those various activities.

By clicking the related links, you can also take a quick look at our related articles written individually about those must-to-see places nearby Marmaris or things to do in Marmaris.

We have to say the things you can do while you are here in Marmaris are numerous:

  • you can walk around the city center as long as you want,
  • you can enjoy the beach by sunbathing,
  • running,
  • chit chatting with your friends or family
  • spending time playing some sport games such as beach volleyball/tennis/football etc. and even more.

But how would it be possible to see all those hidden corners and the unique bays of Marmaris? How to travel around different seas with different tones of a blue and wide range of multi-colored and shiny fish?

When you visit Marmaris and especially if you are a sea lover like us, we bet the first thing that catches your eye will be lots of boats dropped their anchors in the shore of Marmaris.

Well, you have found your answer then: boat trips will make it possible for you to experience swimming in the waters of various bays even the islands of Marmaris. Your pleasure, happiness and comfort will be 100% guaranteed during those trips.

The only thing you should do is picking up your favorite cold drink from the bar. And then lay down under the warm sun and put your headphones on after arranging some music.

The boat approaches the first stop where you can take a short break from laziness and jump into the cool water shining like diamonds!

Why should you spend at least one day on the boat in Marmaris?

We always try to underline the fact that when you come to Marmaris, you should stay at least one week because of the different opportunities Marmaris offers you generously.

Therefore, spending at least one day by the boat will be such a great opportunity to make use of the time well and utilize your holiday in Marmaris.

Before joining in boat trip, you should keep in mind that the boat tours take place daily by sailing every morning and coming back in the afternoon. Generally, the boats leave at 9 am and ramble on different bays/islands according to their schedule and come back to the beginning spot at 6 pm approx.

But please see the related articles in our excursions for further information due to the variability of timetables.

However, the reason why we always advise you to try it is not only you can make a use of time well. We also know that it will be such a remarkable memory. Let us briefly and broadly summarize your lovely boat trip day for you.

At the outset of all, the first thing you should do is picking one of the these boat trips with different routes. Of course, as you would appreciate our advice would be to try all of them one by one if you have enough time.

Marmaris Boat Trip Prices 2020

The top selling boat trips in Marmaris (according to data retrieved from travel agencies and customer reviews) are presented in this section.

Moreover, their prices and detailed information regarding these boat trips are given. You can review them and contact us to book the ones that you want to attend.

If you have questions about them, please send an email. The best boat trips in Marmaris in 2020 & their prices are as follow:

Marmaris Boat Trips Adults Children (7-12) Infants (0-6)
All Inclusive Boat Trip £12 £6 £0
All Inclusive Mega Diana £30 £17 £0
Sedir Island (Cleopatra Beach) (With Lunch) £18 £9 £0
Dalyan (Turtle Beach) by boat (With Lunch) £17 £8 £0
All Inclusive Hisaronu Aegean Islands £15 £7 £0
All Inclusive Davy Jones Pirate £18 £9 £0
Marmaris to Rhodes Ferry £35 £24 £6
Fishing £10 £10 £0
  • Marmaris Boat Trip (All inclusive) £12

Marmaris Boat Trip (All-Inclusive) - A Lazy Day out on the boat!

When you decide booking the Marmaris Boat Trip (All-Inclusive), it is guaranteed that you will have a superb day full of sunshine, incredibly beautiful tones of blue, music, top notch memories and joy.

The boat will pick up all the attendants at 9 am approximately, leave the shore and protrude to sea. The schedule is so simple and efficient: Joyful but not tiring at the same time.

Your boat will travel around the beautiful bays of Marmaris, pop into the well-known islands worth to see and let you spend some free time at every stop. The boat trip includes a visit to:

  • Paradise Island
  • Kumlubuk Beach
  • Turunç
  • Phosphorus Cave

Also, when we say all-inclusive, we mean it! You will be provided with transportation service from your hotel to the boat and back; lunch service with different menu choices prepared for your preference, local beverages and of course insurance.

If you fancy going on this all-inclusive Marmaris boat trip, please keep in mind that it might be better to do it at the beginning of your holiday in Marmaris so that you can shape your other days by quality choices. Then, your vacation in Marmaris will be very well-planned.

  • Mega Diana Boat Trip £30

All Inclusive Mega Diana Boat Trip

Mega Diana Boat Trip also is one of the most preferred boat trips.

It’s indeed similar in some ways with All Inclusive Boat Trip (the one that is mentioned above) hence offering all-inclusive concept but differs in lots of ways at the same time.

Like you can make a perfect start to the new promising day with a full English breakfast and you will have access to the wide range of alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks during the trip.

We assure you that there won’t be a single time you won’t be treated like a king or a queen!

  • Sedir Island and Cleopatra Beach £18

Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip - 30-minute drive from Marmaris

Marmaris Sedir Island (Cleopatra Beach) which is one of the most popular Marmaris boat trips, takes you to Cleopatra Beach which is located within the borders of Sedir Island and famous for its unique sand impossible to find elsewhere except Red Sea.

Also, the beach also does the honors to a perfect love story between Cleopatra, queen of Egypt and her crazy lover Mark Antonius.

Please keep in mind that Cleopatra Island Boat Trip is also counted in all-inclusive concepts hence you won’t have to pay for anything excluding your personal spending and drinks on the boat.

  • Dalyan – Turtle Beach by Boat £17

Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip - Turtle Beach and King Tombs

Dalyan, which is actually a separate town located within the borders of Ortaca district in Mugla, lies away from the coast. But you can reach the place by taking a Marmaris Dalyan (Turtle Beach) Tour from the harbor.

Take our advice and don’t go back home without seeing Dalyan through Dalyan boat trip, and witness the uniqueness of the place. It is not only well known and the get all the visitors’ attention every year because of the famous Dalyan Turtle Beach.

It also offers you some other great features such as experiencing the relaxing feeling of famous Mud Bath in Dalyan River, visiting Iztuzu Beach that has been declared the ‘Best Open Space in Europe’ in 2008 by The Times Magazine and exploring the mysterious temple tombs of Dalyan.

  • Hisaronu Aegean Islands Boat Tour £15

Marmaris Aegean Islands Tour - Hisaronu Boat Trip

Aegean Sea is full of natural wonders which are the smooth hybrid of green and blue. Moreover, with the twisty shores that unite with white surfs, islands, bays and a unique fauna under the sea are must-see sceneries of it. That’s why, we’ve decided to take you there with our Hisaronu Aegean Islands Tour!

You will be able to visit amazing pieces of the region such as;

  • Orhaniye Bay,
  • Selimiye Bay,
  • Camellia Island,
  • Sharp Teeth (a name of a natural formation, don’t panic!),
  • And Rabbit Island!

Swimming nearby these places will refresh both your body and mind we suppose. Also, you can stay on the deck to enjoy the delightful landscape to feast your eyes and take photos, too: These places are worth filling your camera roll!

Well, we’ve described the wide range of Marmaris boat trips which offer to its visitors with different expectations and demands. Now, it is your turn to make a move and come to Marmaris to experience them by yourself!

If you have further questions or want easily book one or many of our unique Marmaris boat trips, just contact us and let us assist you throughout those trips!

  • Marmaris to Rhodes Ferry £35

Marmaris to Rhodes Day Trip - Marmaris to Rhodes Ferry
No need to read twice, no spelling mistakes, yes we offer you a daily trip from Marmaris to Rhodes which is the largest island in the Greek Dodecanese!

We definitely understand you not being able to believe the opportunity to leave Turkey and visit Greece for a few hours and come back to Marmaris at the end of the day again.

It is indeed hard to believe that Rhodes and Marmaris are only 45 minutes apart! Well, to be honest with you, most of us spend more than 45 minutes every day just to reach our offices from our homes…

Your high-speed boat will pick you up at 9.30 and bring you back at 6 pm. You will have more than enough time to explore the cute narrow streets, must-to-see places and all attractions of Rhodes.

In order to arrange Rhodes trip, we need nothing else than copy of your passport and of course, enthusiasm!

  • Sea Fishing Tour  £10

Marmaris Fishing Tour - Sea Fishing Tour in Marmaris
If you are willing to spend some time on Marmaris boat trips and wander around the bays of Marmaris, but also want to spare some time of the day for some other attraction or simply just to relax, here is our advice that will be perfect for you!

Marmaris Fishing Tour takes places in two sessions every day (one starting early in the morning- the other one in the afternoon) and each session lasts 4 hours approx.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you have some fishing experiences or if you are a first timer. Believe, you do not even need to have a talent or luck to catch any fish, the only thing matters is your enthusiasm!

You will be accompanied by well-trained instructors. They can provide you with the required types of equipment and they can teach you how to catch a fish, moreover give you some tips and tell some tricks!

  • Davy Jones Pirate Boat Trip £18

Marmaris Davy Jones Pirate Boat Trip

Because of its exciting feature, it drums up lots of tourists who come to Marmaris to spend their holiday. And this success belongs to: Marmaris Davy Jones Pirate Boat Trip!

You can enjoy the trip either by jumping in the excitement or enjoying a glass of drink. You will be provided with unlimited consumption of local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Davy Jones Pirate Boat Trip in Marmaris has a grand length and perfect design.

This boat trip is also in the All Inclusive concept; yet, it differs from other trips by offering a stunning buffet at lunch time!

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