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  • 150 HP/Hour:£100

Marmaris Speed Boat

Everyone knows that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so does the sense of fun and taste of holiday. Marmaris is one of the most phenomenal places in Turkey which gathers people together all around the world who has different expectations from their vacation and provides them with everlasting top notch experiences. Either you are in search of calmness or looking for new adventures and excitements, Marmaris is ready to meet your expectations.

The only thing you need to do first is to grab a pen and a notebook in order to make your things to do / sights to see list (make sure you have enough pages so that you can write down anything comes up to your mind from the wide range of possibilities!).

If you come to Marmaris for any reason, we strongly advise you not to leave before going on a daily boat tour which is one of the most unmissable activities especially for those who have a passion for the sea. With those daily boat tours, you can explore the favourite bays of Marmaris, enjoy your sunbath accompanied with a cold drink and maybe the vibes on your playlist and jump into the cool sea water immediately after the motors of your boat become silent. We bet you will not believe how different the bays are from each other after the second stop and start questioning whether you are still within the borders of Marmaris. Here is your answer in advance: Yes you are! So why don’t you lay down and begin to think what kind of a new experience is waiting for you at the next stop: swimming with numerous and iridescent fish like you are in an immense aquarium or exploring the mysterious caves?

If you are looking for some new excitements besides or instead of calmness, Marmaris bays are so well suited for having fun on water. Jet-ski, Speed Boat, Parasailing, Banana, Pedal Boat are just to list a few.

It is surely beyond doubt that safety is the priority when it comes to water sports. Therefore we assure you that not only the experts are well trained and licensed, but also all water-sports stations are controlled regularly due to the government regulations.

If you ask people’s opinion, they say that one of the best ways to de-stress is to be distracted in action. Come to Marmaris and taste the pure adrenaline by yourself with the wind in your hair and water splashing all over your skin while you are on the speed boat!

In the end, who doesn’t want to be the headliner of an action movie at least for an hour?

If you are having your trip as a group of people with different expectations, you can meet the rest at one of the several restaurants that located along the seashore at the end of the day and have a nice conversation while enjoying the glorious view of the sun setting on the Aegean coast of Turkey with the view of Rhodes Island.

If you would like to order fresh fish for dinner, just bear in mind that you might have swum with that fish only a few hours ago!


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May 25, 2019

Hello, we are three people looking to rent a speedboat for tomorrow (Sunday) just for the day. Do you had a boat available?

June 16, 2019

For all your questions, please reach us at whatsapp +90 543 244 48 97 or [email protected] or live chat. Thank you.

MTA Team

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