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Marmaris Banana Ride

We would like to introduce you to one of the most preferred and well-known water sport to enjoy by yourself or with family and friends: Banana Boat Ride! If you think that you are brave enough, then be ready for another speed thrill experience on the famous bays of Marmaris. We now challenge you to try your best not to fall down to the sea while your power boat intentionally makes sharp turns and causes your inflatable banana boat to be pulled and turned over. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so, because standing firm won’t be as easy as it looks like this time!

At the beginning of this experience, while the speed boat is dragging the banana boat, that you are on, slowly towards the middle of the sea, you may think that you are just having a calm and peaceful boat trip between the cool waves of Marmaris on an outstanding sun-soaked day of your vacation. Well, don’t feel so relaxed and let yourself go with the flow because all of a sudden you will find yourself diving and swimming in the middle of the sea.
Your ride will be even more enjoyable if you are laughing and screaming on the banana with your friends or family while you are trying to win the bet about not to be the first one who falls!
Because of its importance, we would like to underline the fact that your safety is our priority. That’s why we assure you that you will be with our well educated and experienced instructors who also know how to make you have the best fun. Don’t forget that wearing a life vest is mandatory.

You will be scheduling your individual plan for the banana ride. There isn’t any established itinerary. Just give us a call and please feel free to book for a specific date & time as you wish. However, the time does not need to be strict. And you may also be able to stretch out your booked time period should you wish to.

For instance, if you book for 09:30 in the morning to ride a banana, then it seemed a better option to try the jet ski for an hour first as a first thing in the morning -just to wake you up and prepare yourself for the banana ride maybe-. It’s completely fine for us, we would assist you and change the schedule. You can also pay it off at our office when you get there. Should you prefer to alter your schedule for the reservation, please call the phone number on the voucher to make sure that our offices know about the situation, otherwise, our staff may show up at the place you’re staying at the set time to pick you up.

Should you prefer walking to our desk office, you wouldn’t need to make a call. Just drop by to say hi to us and it will be alright. We can even have a cup of coffee and while you are waiting!


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